Thank you for being interested to be one of the vendors of IOM Iraq.

Please follow the below instructions and provide needed details.
  • To register any new vendor we need the following documents:
    • Scanned copy of the registration.
    • Full bank details as IOM will not be paying any amount but through banks.
    • Company profile (only three pages)
    • List of references (only one page)
  • You will find below a downloadable files that needs to be:
    • filled
    • printed
    • stamped and signed and scanned.
  • All docs above to be uploaded in the files tab below.

If your application is accepted, you will be receiving a reply within 30 days with login credentials.

Important note: IOM reserves the right to refuse registration of any vendor at its absolute discretion.

hold on CTRL key to
select more than one category
hold on CTRL key to upload more than one file, in case of missing files the vendor will be rejected